Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

my autobiography

hello!! my name is karrol. I am 16 years of age, turning 17 . And am soo excited to celebrate my birthday with my friends.

I have two brothers. I like to eat. Well, all of us like to eat:p!

I am now a college student at Notre Dame Dadiangas University. Taking up Mass Communication. I just hope that I could finish this course on time. I am so tired of shifting from one course to another and transferring schools, too. hehehe lol.

I love to hang out with my friends every weekends. We drink a lot of beers 'till we get drunk. hehehe. Unfortunately, almost all of my friends stopped schooling :(. Well, its ok. They said that they will stud again next semester. It was just a sign of respect for some of my friends so they stopped studying. hehehe lol.

i have a boyfriend ;p his name is peter and we've been together for 1 year and 6 mos now. he's a nursing student.

almost all of my cuzins and i have similarities, we are all healthy (chubby to be exact) hehehe lol.

two of my closest cuzns are now living outside the country. ate jaja is in texas with her husband and son while my ate bobbie is in chicago with her mom and dad. I really love my family and i'm proud to say that we really treasure our bond and no one could really destroy the closeness that we all have:). .